The Gallery
Shite as an Art form.


An escape from the hectic hustle and bustle is all that a gallery should be, a chance to get away from it all and take a few moments to wonder at the creations of great minds.

Bollocks to that... here's some old crap that may be of interest. 

If you object to your picture being shown here please let me know and I'll blow it up and put it on the front page.

I've got rid of the massive piccies to hopefully speed this up if you're on dial up (mind you I tried this out on dial up and I think I'll have to do a narrowband optimized version). Some of these photographs are intended for my work PC as wallpaper and are intended for a screen display of 1024 x 768.

Click on a thumbnail to get the bigger picture...

Davie finds his walletDucks in Manor ParkBelieve it or not, this man is a priest!A panoramic view over London from GreenwichHarry PissedMe and the MissusSmoking Health Boosts Pt 1Thanks for coming now please piss off.A Demolition Site in GreenwichSmoking Health Boosts Pt 2The Waterhouses - New Lanark Mill HotelMy 15 minutes of Fame pt 1Close up FlowersI do like a good Goose every now and again.Down by the resevoir in FranceThe Church on BlackheathFeeding the ducks in Greenwich ParkMe (the one in the white jacket looking like a Miami Vice reject) at SchoolThe SquigglesMy old company van - I don't drive it any more...I can't see the wood for the treesView of the (baby) falls of Clyde - New LanarkFor the love of sheep!My 15 minutes of fame Pt 2Railway Bridge over the ClydeThe empty road....My 15 minutes of fame Pt 3A Full Breakfast!!Not Ayers Rock but Loudon Hill - on the way to Prestwick AirportTower Gateway DLRCan you tell what it is yet?A view of St Katherines DockDee's Mum, Dee & Busy LizzieRelaxing after the runDown beside the River Clyde one cold morningBeakers Cafe - you can almost smell the food from here!What I thought was the end of the road to the holy grail - only it wasn'tAn odd twister type thing, I think it was a vapour trail from a planeMy Dad's Holiday HomeBarcelona Side Street (Carrer Ample)Looky looky, he looks like a monkeyIt's my "Moocowgiraffe"!Smoking Health Boosts Pt 3Down by the riverside (not by the Shire)Still no idea what it is?Southwald SeafrontDuckOne day Windy Miller's gonna come a cropper with those sailsNew Lanark VillageJohn on his way for another 26 milesIt's some boats init?Jus and Buddies, preparing for the Hen nightThe Rat PackMe and the MissusJust Married!These Hawaiian Sunsets are just bliss!Word up BE-A-CH!!It a pwitty flaar!Eye eye tiger!Albufeira Old TownBoats down the Thames sell beer. Woohooo!!!!A rare sunny day over BlackheathPurple Flowers - Obviously!An Artsy Fartsy Countryside PanoramaA moody sea shotOne of my remote control cars...My Luverly MiniIt's an old barn init?Fields of GreenVesuvius at DawnA Mystery Test Page...Ischia LighhouseThe Broadstairs Dickens WeekA view over the Firth of Forth (or is that 5th of 6th?)Behind every great man is a...It's not like the good old days...It's a Giant flower!! Run away...My God Daughter (God knows how anyone trusts me!)

More to come...

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All written stuff, photos, sounds (none yet but eventually?) images, graphics and the whole experience are created by and copyright of Matt Helm 2002-2005. Obviously I didn't create what you see in the photos, like clouds an' that but you get the idea.

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