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Updated Wednesday 29/03/06 - More bits added.

Here's some pages that I waste my time looking at, Please feel free to do the same.

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Fun... :
Back to the Menu    A complete waste of time - Thank God for them!
Scaryduck    Guardian Web Log of the year (ages ago) - Compulsive Reading.
Joel Veitch    B3tain Hero, and now on Channel 4 too. (Beware the evil No Hands).
Everlasting Blort    By the amount of good links on this page, they have FAR too much time on their hands.
Mantlepies     It's genius in the making. What part don't you understand?
Playground Insults     It brings back all those happy days...
Speak & Spell    If you're an old git like me, you'll remember this gem - Simon Says is due next...
Yeahbutisitart?    Good question...

.... & Games:
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Mario on Drugs    Fantastic flash game based on Super Mario World (Nintendo would NOT approve).
Scaletrix    Kind of... It's free, take it!
Hunter    "Watch out behind you hunter" is the full title? Those damned frenchies! Ever seen the film Deliverance? Well now you can play the game too - Possibly one for the Odd section.
Java Space Invaders    It can be used at most workplaces allegedly.
Java Worm    This too can be used while you work (bloody hard too)!
GameFAQs PlayStation2   For if one was stuck on a game, which fortunately I never am(?)

Muzik and Free Time:
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House FM    My current fav radio Station, unfortunately where I am the reception is somewhat sketchy but you can get a live feed from here...
Braces Tower    Seems to be out of action, but if you can find "the general synopsis" it's worth your time.
Launch    Some music what I picked (only impressive with broadband or a good link really).
Good Times    The webpage of God (for God please read: Norman Jay).    Great for downloading HOURS worth of DJ mixes, Larry Levan live at the Garage anyone?
Trust the DJ    I've tried and tested it - I don't think that we can truthfully really trust them.
Radio Times     Sod it I’m staying in! What’s on the box?
Radio Tuner     Internet Radio Guide.
The The     Timeless stuff that's hard to find on the internet due to it's restrictive name (search for "+the +the").

Informative Stuff:
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UK News

The Paperboy     All of todays papers delivered direct to your screen.
Sky Sports     What’s happening in the world of sport.
Chelsea     More importantly…. What’s happening with the mighty Chels...
BBC News     Do I sound as if I need to know what's going on?
London Transport    Let the train/tube/bus/dlr take the strain.
BBC - London - Travel    How to avoid a complete waste of time, stay indoors.
London Speed Camera Database    How to avoid a complete loss of driver license.
AA Route Planner    How to get to where you're going.
Royal Mail    Where do I live?    Are you sure I live there?
Ordnance Survey Maps     Find out where exactly you are (to the nearest tree).    Where am I, and how do I get home?
Scoot    Great for looking for DIY experts apparently.    Fancy a quick half or maybe just plan a pub crawl?

Handy Stuff:
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mail2web    For those moments when your mail reader pretends your other POP3 accounts don't exist.
HTML Tutorial    Great for coming to the rescue. The online HTML test page is a Godsend!
HTML Test Page    The above mentioned online test page on it's own.    Mmm lovely CDs, Games, DVDs, and other stuff that unfortunately I can't get in the local high street (although you can pick up anything from a ten pound bag to a dose of the clap).
Translate    Great for emailing incomprehensible rubbish to your friends (and now in Chinese too!).    The Internet Movie DataBase, It's fantastic for moments of the "You know that "I'm just the cook" film where, Whatsername? got her Baps out" kind. Oh by the way the answer is...
Commercial Breaks and Beats    For finding out what that song is on that advert that you like.
Internet Speed Test    Test what speed you're really getting.

Odd Stuff:
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The Black Vault    No better section for this lot, they truly are ODD.
TShirt Hell    Seriously bad taste T-Shirts (a tad puerile at times but moments of pure genius) The baby stuff is almost reason enough to have kids.
Crime Library    Guess... it's a Library about... ?????
Stilemedia    NOT SAFE FOR WORK. I repeat, this is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. There I said it! it's sick, it's perverted, and it's free!! (and also the link where I get most of the visits on this page from you dirty pervs.)
Jacko    Has finally made it on to the net! A friend of mine who wouldn't admit the same in public.
Locky     Another Loser on the net, rarely updated 'cos he's crap at HTML.
Andrew Donkin     My neighbour who visits, drinks my beer and eats my chocolate (Kids this could or could not be true).
Mini     Home of my baby!!!!
Disused Underground     An interesting site to waste some time on.
Logoed     A Good Logo/Design reference site.
What the Font?     Rather like IMDB for Fonts, simply upload a logo or bit of text and let it tell you what font it is.
Canon     Where I buy my cameras from.
EphotoZine     Digital Photography news.
Dp Review     And reviews of the above Cameras + Other bits

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If you find any links that are out of date, please let me know and when I get the chance I'll try to update them.


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